Above: Antigonick (2015) Co-Directed by Hope Mohr and Mark Jackson
Photo Margo Moritz.

extreme lyric I (2018) highlight

extreme lyric I (2018) trailer

Liam Everett and Hope Mohr Dance at SFMoMA (2017)

Precarious (2017) Highlight Reel

Manifesting (2016) Highlight Reel

Manifesting (2016) Promo

Stay (2015) Highlights
I was drawn to painter Francis Bacon's commitment to subverting narrative in his creative process through the use of "free marks"-- throwing paint and other improvisational procedures designed to bring chaos into an otherwise carefully composed canvas. I'm also drawn to the co-existence, in Bacon's work, of formal composition and difficult subject matter. Rather than recreate Bacon's imagery, Stay echoes the impact of a Bacon painting: visceral punch, emotional disturbance. 

Anne Carson’s ANTIGONICK for Shotgun Players, co-directed by Hope Mohr and Mark Jackson

s(oft is)hard (2014)
S(oft is)hard continues my interest in writing as part of choreographic thinking. Starting at age nine, I kept a journal to hear my own voice. Journaling is a form of repetition, but also change: at some point, I no longer needed it. My last journal dates to 2000, when I landed my first contract with a professional dance company. As I birthed a public identity as an artist, a private writing self became less necessary. The process of making s(oft is)hard involved sifting through 89 journals spanning twenty years. I kept the first and last, but the rest went into the recycling bin.  -Hope Mohr

2014 Repertory Highlights